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What Bolt Has to Offer

Bolt Cloud

Bolt Cloud offers you various advanced features such as Remote Configuration, Code Editor, etc. all coupled with an intuitive UI to make your project development faster than ever. ‚Äč

Machine Learning

Bolt comes with powerful yet easy to run machine learning algorithms.
This lets you predict sensor values and detect anomalies in your data.

Remote Configuration

The Platform lets you remotely configure the pins on your Bolt WiFi module.  This means you can adapt to hardware setup changes that have been made remotely when you want to add more sensors to your existing product.

Securely Share Your Devices

The Platform allows you to share your devices with other members as well, so that they too can monitor/control the product you have created for your home or workplace.

What people are saying about Bolt

I had the chance of testing the Bolt WiFi in preview. It's an attractive and compact card that you can't wait to use! The cloud interface is fluid, easy to use. Bolt is a reliable and affordable solution for quickly and easily setting up IoT objects. 

Ludovic Loiseau


Got a demo of the Bolt IoT platform - and more importantly their killer upcoming feature : machine learning. In the demo, machine learning was able to reliably track and predict data from a temperature sensor. Great job!

Shree Kumar

Senior Architect at Kiteboard, the DIY Smartphone.