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  One of the best IoT platforms to get started.

   Our partners on an average get 200 students a month.

   Special discounts on hardware kits for workshop partners and resellers.

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Bolt Online Workshop Includes

Hands-on Exercises

Our training is packed with assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes and exercises.

Building An IOT Based Monitoring System

Learn how to setup the cloud-connected sensor network and visualize data collected by them.

Controlling Devices Over The Internet

Learn the key concepts of HTML, JavaScript, and interface hardware to build web controlled apps.

Cloud, API'S and Real-time Alerts

Learn the basics of Python and record data using sensors.


I had the chance of testing the Bolt WiFi in preview. It's an attractive and compact card that you can't wait to use! The cloud interface is fluid, easy to use. Bolt is a reliable and affordable solution for quickly and easily setting up IoT objects. 

Ludovic Loiseau


Got a demo of the Bolt IoT platform - and more importantly their killer upcoming feature : machine learning. In the demo, machine learning was able to reliably track and predict data from a temperature sensor. Great job!

Shree Kumar

Senior Architect at Kiteboard, the DIY Smartphone.